14 Ottobre 2019 - 17:30

It is a pleasure for us that you have chosen to visit our website and although virtually shake you warmly by the hand, as well as we would have done if you were actually entered us in our shop!
   Our jewelry and the adjoining Goldsmith Laboratory Artisan, born of an ancient and small goldsmith workshop, on the Roman market since 1950.

  For this reason our prices are competitive with respect to a common jewelry.
The prices of our jewelry is exceptionally beneficial as possible Gold Studio is a Craftsman Goldsmith Laboratory that directly create their own jewelry without intermediaries, also all the gemstones and diamonds are purchased directly from our wholesalers of trust.
  With this method, all costs are cut in upward and handrails of intermediaries, such as retailers of stones, set in gold, and representatives of the jewelers themselves increasingly expensive.

  Gold buys Studio creates and sells from one location!
  Search the jewel that will win more and buy it directly to page E-commerce!

 Oro Studio
  Laboratory Goldsmith & Jewellery
  Via Fregene 43 Roma
  Tel +39 3934983311